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Artist Statement

I express my love and appreciation for beautiful, ambient light by creating these flower lamps. During a recent 2-year stay in S. Korea I discovered the ancient tradition of Hanji, (handmade paper) and its multitude of applications both historically and today. I appreciate the fact that the paper I am working with is made in essentially the same way it was made 1200 years ago. I enjoy utilizing this ancient tradition in a contemporary way.

As a puppetry artist for nearly 20 years, I occasionally used handmade papers to create props. It was a novelty; a pleasant resource for certain effects. But when I saw the plethora of choices in Korea and experienced firsthand the joy of working with this highly fibrous paper, I was changed forever. I find the tactile experience of working with it especially rewarding; it gives, stretches, molds and lends itself to a multitude of techniques such as gathering, twisting and tearing. Too, the colors are rich, vibrant, and warm. To me, the finished piece offers a depth and warmth that is completely its own.

I hope to create opportunities to share this unique art form with others. It will be a way of introducing to many a cultural heritage of a country little known to most of us. Hanji is one of the great Korean traditions. I am delighted to have discovered this material and look forward to many years of creating with it.

Pamella O’Connor

Artist Bio

Pamella O’Connor was a theatre artist for 35 years. She acted at regional theatres around the country, directed and produced in Atlanta, and began her own company in Asheville in 1997. Her love for the art of puppetry dominated her last 15 years of work. Her performances were seen at The Kennedy Center, The Center for Puppetry Arts, the Henson International Puppet Theatre Festival, Spoleto and Piccolo Spoleto, Duke Performances, UCLA, and Dartmouth, and many more. 

In 2008, Pamella decided to take a break from the life of a touring puppeteer and accepted a teaching job in Korea. During her 2-year stay there, she studied their ancient cultural tradition of Hanji decor. 

Since returning to the states, the work has been greeted enthusiastically by the public and galleries alike. New Morning Gallery in Asheville, NC, Wickwire Gallery, Hendersonville, NC and Seven Sisters Gallery, Black Mountain, NC first carried Hanji Home.

Pamella received a Merit Award honor from the Buyer's Market of American Craft to attend her first ever wholesale show February, 2012. 25 galleries placed orders while there. Hanji Home has now gone nation wide!!

In addition to the Merit Award from BMAC, Pamella was awarded an Honorable Mention at her first juried arts festival, the Inman Park Festival in Atlanta, Georgia in spring, 2011.

The Business

Hanji Home was born out of my love for Hanji. At first, I created basic home decor items such as bowls, platters and a variety of boxes. Then, Korean Hanji teacher Young Sang Soon introduced me to the flower lamps.

These lamps offer the same sweet energy as candles, yet remain an attractive addition to the home even during the day.

The flower form is acetate cut and shaped, then covered inside and out with handmade hanji paper. The stems are a flexible aluminum rod to allow repositioning of the light if so desired. The bases are made of light weight basswood, pine, or illustration board. All are covered with hand made paper.

We are constantly creating new designs so check back often to see new lines or special one of a kind lamps. And please, if you have any questions or comments, make sure to get in touch through the 'Contact Us' section of the site.

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